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Part #: HVA-DSG-2
Notes: HPA Stage 2 DSG Software (must be programmed in person)
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Product Description

DSG performance involves a synergetic relationship between shift call outs, engine load, driver demand, and mechanical execution. Within these relationships, a harmonic balance must be maintained to ensure the various integrated systems work together and do not overpower their basic limitations. HPA’s Stage 2 DSG Program has the following features:

Progressive Shift Response:

One of the keys to our success in tuning the DSG software comes from our command of the clutch pressures. We are the only company to offer a progressive shift response upgrade which, through a scaling effect, optimizes the DSG’s durability, and retains known comforts and mileage. Under tip throttle and highway usage, shift response is improved by approximately 1/3 faster than factory. Between 50% engine load and WOT, our software is scaled to shorten the shift response up to two thirds quicker than factory. This feature is in effect in D, S and M modes. Our scaling effect synchronizes the hand off between inner and outer clutch packs depending on the load and acceleration demand applied. This eliminates unnecessary clutch slippage under full load accelerations, which reduces clutch wear.
Note: any non progressive software will prematurely damage clutch packs as different engagement response windows are required in order to manage the variables of different situation and allow the mechanics within the gearbox to conclude their transitions.
Torque Limit Increase:

Working in conjunction with our progressive shift configuration, we have increased the DSG Gearbox’s ability to transmit torque from 350nm up to 500nm while still ensuring the stability and capability of all the mechanical moving hardware within the DSG gearbox. With an HPA performance program, The DSG computer will no longer initiate steps to shed engine torque when the factory 350nm limit is reached which unleashes the true benefits of any engine modifications.
Launch Control:

With HPA’s Stage 2 DSG Software, launch control is activated on any vehicle (ie Audi A3, Jetta/GLI) that did not come equipped with factory launch control.
A perfect launch out of the hole accompanied with a great 0-60 acceleration is one of the best ways to show off your performance mods. HPA’s DSG software upgrade enables the Launch Control feature on any car that did not come equipped with it from the factory. Furthermore, improving on the uneventful factory launch, we elevate the launch RPM to 4750; putting you in the sweet spot of your power band for a spectacular launch while maintaining a safe range of pressure that can be applied to the factory clutches to provide maximum grip without slip.
Increased Red Line:

Putting you back in command of your engine’s power at the upper RPM range, we have raised the DSG transmission’s rev limit to 7150 RPM as this optimizes the FSI engine’s compressor map and maintains the safe operating range of the V6’s valve springs. Note: the DSG rev limiter will be overridden by your engine’s rev limiter, so this feature may not be utilized with factory (or some aftermarket) chips.
Eliminated Automatic Shifting:

When commuting in traffic and looking for fuel economy, the brain behind the DSG is a mastermind at selecting which gear to be in. When it comes to spirited driving, the factory Sport mode can be quite aggressive, but many complain at how it overrules the driver’s input in situations like cornering.

With HPA’s performance programming, we have put the driver back in complete control.

In M mode; automatic up-shifting at wide open throttle has been deactivated, as has kick-down; allowing you to bounce of the newly redefined rev limiter and maintain your gear at will.

When you opt to take over the paddles in S mode, only at Wide Open Throttle will the software automatically shift at the newly defined red line. Up to 95% load, you will have the benefit of the removed up-shifting and kick-down to take control over your gear changes. This ensures less experienced drivers still get an automatic gear change under WOT demand.

In D mode, the factory up-shift and kick-down settings are maintained.

When in D or S mode, the active gear is now displayed in the instrument cluster to the right of the PNRDS icons where it wasn’t previously (R32 etc)

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