XLR8-ETD-0408TL - XLR8 Engine Torque Damper

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Part #: XLR8-ETD-0408TL
Notes: XLR8 Engine Torque Damper - Fits Manual Transmission TL only. You may purchase M/T bracket to allow fitment for A/T TL (50610-SEP-A10)
MSRP: $200.00
Your Price: $150.00

All Fitments

Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
2004 - 2008 TL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL Manual Transmission Only

Product Description

The XLR8 Performance Engine Torque Damper is designed to reduce engine movement and therefore improve handling and traction. This will help reduce wheel hop, improve cornering and stability, and help the engine stay planted during quick shifts and launches. This kit includes everything needed to install the kit: damper, bracket, hardware, and additional bushings.

Product Reviews

Improved driving experience!!, Monday, March 8, 2010

I was very impressed with this part. I could feel that the car was more planted during acceleration than before. The car also shifts easier. Wheel hop was reduced and the car is easier to deal with during traffic situations where you are constantly on and off the clutch. Highly recommended!!

Best $150 I've ever spent!, Tuesday, April 10, 2012

After some time driving with this mod on I think I can say this is the best mod I’ve ever put on a car. Maybe it’s making such a big impact to me because my stock unit was toast and or my mounts are starting to fail, but it is. In almost every facet of driving.

My TL is my DD. I drive it in traffic to and from work everyday. Lately my clutch has been getting worse and I know I’m about ready to have to replace it. Between the clutch and the horrible engine rocking in stop and go traffic my car has not been fun to drive. Well not anymore. I’d say 50% of what I was attributing to the failing clutch this mod resolved. I’m not joking.

Starting the car feels more solid. 1st and 2nd gear changes feel COMPLETELY different. Braking feels more solid and precise. When taking off it even feels like it has reduced torque steer (am I way off on this because that’s what it feels like).

If you have a MT, upgrade. If you have an AT, omg, I can’t imagine not having anything, BUY THIS PRODUCT.